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Vision Statement

In response to the ever-growing demand for skilled individuals in the field of computer use, accounting/bookkeeping, medical administration and allied health specialties, Metropolitan Learning Institute’s vision is to offer thorough career training in both computer software for PC applications utilizing the latest in computer technology advances for business applications, and in preparing allied health specialists who can safely function with competence in the present complex health care industry.

The school is committed to providing a safe, supportive learning environment that promotes excellence in learning and allows students to develop, cultivate and enhance self-confidence, technical skills, critical thinking abilities, appropriate work ethics, professionalism, personal discipline and leadership. The school further aims to provide each student with purposeful training to foster the development of appropriate personal values, motivation, self-respect, responsibility and accountability.

As a non-profit organization, Metropolitan Learning Institute is conscientious with the careful selection of candidates for admission. Candidates go through a screening process that sets them up for success in their chosen field. The administration, faculty and support staff personnel are encouraged to treat each individual student with respect and courtesy in meeting their needs without sacrificing quality instruction.

Contemporary computer technologies used in industry are incorporated in all coursework to assist the new graduate with communication strategies, which are a vital part of today’s global business and health care fields. Hands-on applications provide a basic foundation towards developing critical entry level skills.

Courses provide the necessary training in pursuit of personal and career advancement. Students are supported with job search and employment counseling and assistance to meet relevant and current business and health service needs.


The mission of Metropolitan Learning Institute, Inc. is “to see that each graduate is prepared with the personal attributes, drive, academic education; theoretical background, practical hands-on experience and knowledge of the field which he or she needs to successfully compete for employment and provide services in today’s business and health care environment.”

MLI offers support and guidance with effective quality instruction and long-term academic support, excellent programs and courses covering the latest and most-demanded business and nursing/allied health skills, computer resources (hardware/software) using powerful current technology, VESL training/ counseling, hands-on practice and job development to prepare students for “the world of work.”