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Rego Park (718) 897-0482 Brooklyn (718) 492-2120

To qualify for acceptance by MLI, each applicant must fully meet the following general requirements:

1. An applicant to the Metropolitan Learning Institute must

  • a. be a high school graduate, or
  • b. possess a General Education Development (GED) or TASC certificate, or
  • c. be a high school senior eligible to apply and upon graduation submit proof of high school graduation, or
  • d. if the candidate is an applicant for admission with a foreign high school diploma or equivalent (subject to verification by an accredited U.S. evaluation service-separate fee will apply) and wishes to apply for financial aid, demonstrate the ability to benefit (ATB) from the training by passing an independently administered test of their English language skills.

Evidence of high school graduation (USA or foreign) or the equivalent must be presented to MLI. Acceptable forms of evidence include a certified copy of an original high school diploma, a copy of a high school transcript indicating the date of graduation, a copy of a DD-214 military record indicating the applicant is a high school graduate or equivalent, a GED/TASC certificate or official notification that a GED/TASC has been earned, or a college transcript indicating completion of secondary school as a prerequisite for enrollment. If applicants who currently reside in the United States but attended secondary school in foreign countries are unable to produce the required documents by start of classes, certification from other official sources or a notarized Sworn Statement may be used for up to a three week grace period-proper documents are required for complete registration, however.

2. Each applicant for 1500 hour programs with an ESL component will be tested to establish his/her need for Intermediate ESL instruction before enrollment, as well as for quantitative skills. To qualify, applicants must achieve a minimum score of 230 on the artithmetic part of the Accuplacer arithmetic test and also a 97 or greater score on the CELSA (English) test.

Each applicant for 1500 hour programs without a ESL component will be tested to establish his or her reading, writing and quantitative skills. To qualify, applicants must achieve minimum scores of 230/233/235 on the Arithmetic/Reading/Writing parts of the Accuplacer exam.


Applicants with a U.S HSD or TASC/GED are exempt from this testing.