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Faced with the challenging need for the education of health care professionals in the field of practical nursing, MLI initiated planning for a Practical Nursing Program in the state of New Jersey in July, 2005. The LPN program was approved in early 2008 and the first classes began in June of that year in Jersey City, NJ.

In late 2007 Accounting Assistant training without VESL was approved by NYS for MLI. In 2011, a Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA) program was also launched without an VESL component to provide immediate medical administrative and computer office training and skills.

In 2013 Phlebotomy was added to the MAA program. The NJ LPN program ceased admissions in 2013 with an effort to bring the program to New York State, where most students who had studied actually lived.

This effort is still ongoing. In early 2015, the New Jersey location ceased operation, while at the Queens, New York locations the school added (in early 2016) newer, short courses specializing in different areas of practical clinical healthcare work.

Effective March 31st 2019 our Jackson Heights location has been closed. A new location in Queens is under development. Please check back for further announcements.

Licensed by the New York State Education Department,

MLI’s current locations provide Computer Office Technology training to a mostly immigrant student population with emphasis on English as a Second Language (VESL) instruction as a key component.

Additional courses such as Medical Billing and Bookkeeping, also with VESL components, have been added to this core curriculum. Evening classes are available to accommodate the scheduling needs found among working adults.

MLI was granted initial (candidacy) accreditation status in 2002 by the Council of Occupational Education (COE) based in Atlanta, Georgia and received a full six (6) year accreditation by the same regulatory body in 2004. In 2020 the school successfully completed its latest re-accreditation process with the COE and received an additional four-year term of approval effective from 2019-2023.