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Counseling, By Department

Students may, at any time during official hours, contact or set up appointments with staff members to obtain any information they need or for individual counseling.

Assistance is available in the following areas:

Education – Academic-related matters, attendance make-up, re-admission, continuance as a non- regular student, reinstatement, official withdrawal, leave of absence requests, change of session, disputed grades, faculty tutoring, auditing classes, disciplinary issues,

Student Advisors — Academic–related matters, official withdrawal, attendance issues, leave of absence requests, change of session, course planning/course progression assistance, personal matters, extra-curricular activities;

Admissions — Program offerings, admission, readmission,

Financial Aid — Breakdown letters, Pell/TAP information, financial aid transcripts etc. Metropolitan Learning Institute is eligible to enroll students under the New York State TAP and/or Federal PELL grants, covering their tuition if they are in 1500 hour programs

Student Accounts – Tuition account status, payment plans, student refund checks,

Student Records — In-school letters, satisfactory academic progress, attendance verification, change of address, academic transcripts, diplomas, filing a record;

Placement — Employment preparation and job search assistance.

Students receive the MLI Catalog and/or Student Handbook specific to the branch or location during their first week at school. Included therein are telephone numbers for contacting the appropriate state and accrediting agencies namely: the New York State Department of Education/Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision and the Council on Occupational Education (COE) which regulates and oversees the activities of Metropolitan Learning Institute.

Media Center

The Metropolitan Learning Institute features a Media Center in all campuses giving students ready access to textbook materials, manuals, professional journals, periodicals and standard reference materials. CD-ROMs, instructional videos/DVDs and Internet access are also freely available. Orientation and assistance is provided to all users. A staff member is constantly available to assist students during the Center’s working hours.

Media resources are constantly updated to reflect currency. Books, magazines, periodicals and audiovisual materials are changed out every 5-year period. Only resources no more than 5 years old are put on open shelves for student use. Outdated materials that continue to provide valuable information may still be accessed for special purposes and are kept within the media center for easy access.

Media Center hours are posted on the door, the appropriate Student Services bulletin board and/or the school website at Circulating materials may be signed for and borrowed upon presentation of a valid student ID card.

The Media Center hours of operation are:

Monday To Friday : 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Computer Use With Technical Support By Current Students

Metropolitan Learning Institute has computerized classrooms in all campuses for individual use of day and evening students. Each student is assigned a specific laptop or desktop computer for learning computer functions, testing, developing writing skills, creating projects, completing assignments and for utilizing interactive programs for learning.

On an as-needed basis and without charge, use of the school’s computers is available in non-class hours and/or unused classrooms to give students the opportunity to further increase their knowledge and confidence level. School personnel who are skilled in the use of software are available to assist students with any questions or problems during usage time. A Network Administrator is constantly accessible to support students, faculty and staff.

Student Health Services

First aid services are provided for “On Campus” emergencies with a simultaneous call to 911 for immediate assistance. Students are cared for by any available staff at the school’s locations.

MLI also contracts with clinical site facilities to provide emergency treatment and management to students who sustain injuries or require immediate care while on official school business. Although emergency care is available, certain conditions may necessitate that the student be held responsible for expenses not covered by the health care facility. Hence, it is a requirement that students carry personal medical insurance to offset costs not covered by the clinical agency on site.

A list of local hospitals and medical facilities conveniently located around the various school premises are available for student use in the Campus Director’s office.

Audit Class Privileges For Graduates

Auditing of classes and/or use of computers are privileges the school offers to its graduates who are working with the Placement Office as a way of assisting the graduate in employment preparation. A graduate who wishes to audit some courses from his or her program of study may apply in writing to the Campus Director for approval. If a space is available, the Director, upon consultation with the faculty teaching the course, will provide the graduate with an audit permit to attend classes at a convenient time. Students who drop out, are dismissed, or fail to meet graduation requirements are not allowed the opportunity of auditing or using school computers after official termination from the school.


Students who have occasional difficulty with a course or clinical skill are urged to seek assistance from their academic advisors, instructor/s, Media Coordinator and the Health Skills Laboratory staff.

Job Placement Assistance

The school’s Employment Preparation and Job Search Program coordinated by the Placement Office is intended to offer assistance to students in preparing for employment and to support graduates in applying successful job search strategies to locate and secure jobs. The program is not meant to substitute for the necessity of students and graduates to actively seek employment on their own. School assistance is available, but Metropolitan Learning Institute does not promise or guarantee employment to any student or graduate.

Obtaining a job in the modern office environment or in a health care setting requires thorough and continuous preparation. Upon enrollment, applicants can sign a Placement Services Agreement to either enlist, or decline participation in the Employment Preparation and Job Search Program. Throughout the course of their studies, each student who decides to join the program can access a wide range of resources to support his/her search for employment opportunities.

Employment Preparation: The “JOB CLUB”

Two months prior to graduation, the school’s “Job Club” becomes operational to give students the chance to practice their communication and interview skills. The school’s “Job Club” is held each week by experienced instructors and placement staff. The club’s activities are especially helpful to students with limited English ability who gain skill and confidence through regular participation in group discussions, mock interviews and meetings, role playing, and practice telephone conversations. The school media rooms also allow Internet access, and this tool is invaluable in both job hunting and preparation for interviewing


Each week, staff from the placement office spends time with the students to assist them with filling out forms, responding to questions, and polishing their resumes. The club’s activities are especially helpful to students with limited job search experience. Students gain skill and confidence through regular participation in group discussions, mock interviews and meetings, role playing, and practice telephone conversations. The school media rooms also allow Internet access, and this tool is invaluable in both job hunting and preparation for interviews.

Interviewing Techniques

Practice of job interview techniques is crucial for graduates to compete with other candidates in the job interview process. This is especially true for students who communicate in a native language other than English. Printed materials and CD/audio/video files of interview questions and techniques are available for students to use during the course of their studies and upon graduation from MLI. Students are encouraged to use available audiovisual materials to practice and perfect their interview preparation. Additional support in developing interviewing skills is available every week through the “Job Club.”

All throughout the program of study, the school provides students with a roster of performance-oriented skills and competencies that students are encouraged to achieve. Students are also urged to retain portfolio items from each course to share with job interviewers.

At the end of the program, graduates are given the opportunity to participate in several mock job interviews to determine their state of interview preparation. After passing the school-based interview, the graduate will then be referred by the school’s Placement Office to facilities with available job openings or assist them in pursuing the employment of their choice.

The Job-Hunting Process

The MLI Placement Office gives students full access to commonly available Placement Office resources by simply walking in when they wish. Specifically, the office will see students by appointment for individualized assistance with job search. An employment database, samples of all types of letters, resumes and application forms, and other related documents are constantly made available for student use. The job search process will intensify in about two months prior to the expected date of graduation. At this time, students are encouraged to make frequent and regular contacts with placement office personnel to determine strengths as well as areas of interest.

One month before the program end date, participating students are required to have their resumes word processed in their Career Preparation class. After all corrections are made, they may submit the completed resume on a USB drive or by e-mail to the Placement Office for printing. After the program ends, graduates who have discharged all financial obligations to the school, who have completed the school’s exit interview and testing, and who are actively searching for employment, can continue to work with the Placement Office according to the terms of the Placement Services Agreement for as long as is necessary until gainfully employed.

Metropolitan Learning Institute offers programs that provide job skills in high demand, so that employment opportunities are very good for motivated graduates carrying out a well-planned and motivated job search.

Metropolitan Learning Institute provides statistical information annually to regulatory agencies regarding enrollment and job search outcome for all graduates in a given year. It is a condition of enrollment that each graduate provide the school with evidence of the outcome of his/her job search, whether or not the graduate was placed directly, indirectly or by their own efforts. A graduate may request that facts regarding his/her workplace not be released to any individual or organization except as required by law for statistical reasons.

Assistance To Persons With Disabilities

Metropolitan Learning Institute ensures that services, facilities and privileges are accessible to qualified persons with disabilities in accordance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 (See Appendix A).

Extracurricular Activities

Because of Metropolitan Learning Institute’s convenient campus locations, students have access to many activities which are usually just a short bus or subway ride away to commercial, educational and cultural districts. Information concerning in-school events and out-of-school activities is provided on the Student Services Bulletin Board in each campus and the school’s web site at:


Metropolitan Learning Institute is a commuter school; it does not have dormitory accommodations. Students who wish information on housing in the nearby area may contact the Campus Director at each campus for referral to appropriate sources.