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New applicants initially will have an intake interview with a Metropolitan Learning Institute School Agent to decide which program they would like to join. This is done to determine student qualification, to give prospective students the chance to ask questions, and to receive the information they need in making an informed choice about registration at MLI. This includes costs, equipment, services, time, and technical competencies, if any, required by the program. Intake interviews are conducted by MLI School Agents at each campus.

Before applying for admission, an applicant must complete an Admission Application and file it with the Admis­sions Office. Applicants need to meet the entrance requirements of the study program they select. The Admissions Office makes the initial determination to accept an applicant based on submitted documents. Transfer credits, if applicable, are also determined and evaluated at this time.

An applicant will be allowed to fill out and sign an enrollment agreement only if there is a reasonable belief that the program will be successfully completed. The school reserves the right to reject the enrollment of any applicant who, at any time during the enrollment process, displays any conduct or behavior that is deemed inappropriate or would be grounds for dismissal if the applicant were an enrolled student.

A $100.00 (Regular Programs) / $60.00 (Short Medical programs) non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee is due in order to be placed on the list of qualified applicants. The registration fee is intended only for the date by which an appli­cant originally registers, but at the school’s discretion, may be used on a different start date.

All documents submitted in support of an application for admission become permanent possessions of Metropolitan Learning Institute.