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Launch Your Healthcare Career at Metropolitan Learning Institute: Medical Administrative Assistant (MA1500) Program.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare industry, obtaining the right education and training is crucial for success.

If you have a strong interest in healthcare and want to make a difference, Metropolitan Learning Institute provides a career-oriented Medical Administrative Assistant program (MA1500). We offer a comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities to give you an excellent start to your career. With the flexibility of online and in-person classes at two convenient campuses in Queens and Brooklyn, we are committed to providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in this dynamic field.

State-of-the-Art Lab Facilities:

Metropolitan Learning Institute places a premium on hands-on training. Our MA1500 program provides access to a modern lab where you can practice practical skills in a realistic environment. Our lab facilities provide you with invaluable experience in real-world scenarios, whether you need to master electronic health records (EHR) or do live blood draws in phlebotomy. Our knowledgeable teachers will assist you through your program to ensure that once you graduate, you are well-prepared to handle the demands of the healthcare profession.

Campuses in Queens and Brooklyn:

Metropolitan Learning Institute is pleased to offer two campuses in Queens and Brooklyn, making access to quality education more convenient for you. Our campuses in Rego Park (Queens) and Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) are dynamic learning hubs that are easily accessible to students living nearby. Whether you reside in Queens or Brooklyn or are willing to commute, our campuses offer a supportive environment where you can interact with instructors and peers who share your passion for healthcare administration. So, enjoy a top-class education and take advantage of the abundant employment opportunities available in these thriving regions.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Career Prospects

The MA1500 program at Metropolitan Learning Institute is designed to cover a wide range of topics, including anatomy and physiology, patient billing, EHR, phlebotomy, emergency care, and clinical procedures. Our comprehensive curriculum guarantees a thorough understanding of clinical and administrative aspects of medical administration. This will prepare you to be successful in a variety of clinical settings. This program not only prepares you for initial employment but alo provides a solid foundation for career advancement in the medical industry. You can begin your career as a medical administrative assistant and then investigate opportunities for advancement in this field.

Enroll Today:

If you are interested in pursuing a rewarding career in healthcare, Metropolitan
Learning Institute will provide you with all details about our MA1500 program,including admission requirements and enrollment procedures. We offer morning and evening sessions to accommodate your schedule.

In order to prepare you succeed in your career, our exhaustive training program covers essential medical fundamentals, software applications, clinical procedures,and business communications. Upon graduation, you will receive a diploma in recognition of your diligence and accomplishment. Contact us now for more information!

At Metropolitan Learning Institute, we are committed to providing top-quality
education that equips you to excel in the healthcare industry. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, adaptable learning options, and state-of-the-art campuses in Queens and Brooklyn provide a comprehensive education tailored to your needs. Our MA1500 program will introduce you to the vast opportunities in medical administration and help you launch your career in healthcare. So, join us now and take the initial step toward a rewarding and influential career!