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Program Objective

The program commences with 525 hours of intensive introduction to software that is in high demand in any business dealing with word processing, spreadsheet data analysis, customized presentations and electronic mail messaging. The student applies knowledge learned in the classroom to office accounting procedures, along with specific professional software utilities. Hands-on training in the above mentioned areas are done based on theories of computer operations and accounts data processing. Following the Microsoft Windows component, students receive a thorough grounding in business math and principles of accounting, including payroll and tax accounting as well as training in customized accounting software packages in common use nationwide. This component is 750 hours in length. 225 hours of business communications and career preparation courses round out the program.

Program Code

AA1500-Accounting Assistant

Program Requirements: (in alphabetical order by term)
Term Course Title Course Code Hourse
COT I-Keyboarding T100 75
COT II-Windows OS T105 75
COT III-MS Word T110 75
COT IV-MS Excel T115 75
COT V-PowerPoint T120 75
COT VI-Introduction to Online Living, Networks and the Internet A100 75
COT VII-MS Access T130 75
Math for Business K100 75
Fundamentals of Accounting I K105 75
Fundamentals of Accounting II K110 75
Fundamentals of Accounting III K125 75
Fundamentals of Accounting IV K130 75
Income Tax Procedures I K135 75
Income Tax Procedures II K140 75
Computerized Accounting with Sage 50 K115 75
Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks K120 75
Payroll Accounting I K145 75
Basic Business Communication E150 75
Business Correspondence E160 75
Career Preparation C100 75

Completion Time: Four Terms in 15 weeks each (1500 hours, 60 weeks).

Sessions: Full time sessions are available in the morning and in the evening (see academic calendar on page 19). Students attend classes 25 hours per week.

Program Readiness: Students are required to take Metropolitan Learning Institute’s CELSA and/or Wonderlic Test to determine if they possess the reasoning skills that are necessary for intensive study. Any applicant who scores below the minimum cutoff mark in any given test is advised to reconsider his/her career training choice.

Entrance Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent, or appropriate ATB counseling and testing.

Maximum Time Frame and Evaluation Points:

The maximum time frame to satisfy program requirements is six terms (2250 hours). Evaluation points are every term (375 hours).

Credential Awarded: Diploma

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Click on this link for more information on jobs related to this program provided by O*NET ONLINE: Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks